Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry

Our Smithtown, Long Island dental office is dedicated to painless dentistry, exceptional customer service, and wellness focused dental care. We take a health-focused approach to your care by using non-toxic materials  with minimally invasive and tooth conserving dental techniques. Dr. Alex Shvartsman believes that all dentistry should be cosmetic; from a simple filling to a full mouth reconstruction.

Integrative Dentistry for the 21 Century

When you are under our care you will notice many important differences. Our focus is to provide you with outstanding service in all aspects of your treatment. The entire staff is committed to your comfort and focused on your health. Our dental office is the only restorative dental practice in the Smithtown, Long Island NY area that uses Biomimetic Dentistry, a science based, advanced tooth reconstruction approach which  mimics the physical and esthetic properties of natural teeth.  In addition to his extensive dental education, Dr. Shvartsman is also a Naturopathic Physician who integrates the best of modern dentistry with natural healing in a unique holistic approach to oral care.  Utilizing the Functional Medicine paradigm, our goal is to help our patients restore all of the body's systems to full health using as natural and minimally invasive approach as possible.  We feel it is our duty to help our patients become healthy so that they can keep their own natural teeth for a lifetime.

Multi-Specialty Team

Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry is a mutli-diciplinary dental office. Restorative dentists and dental specialists work as a team under one roof to provide a comprehensive approach to your dental needs and you do not have to go to different dental offices to complete your care.  Our doctor staff includes two restorative Biomimetic Dentists, a Holistic Root Canal Specialist and a Gum Disease Laser Periodontist / Dental Implant Specialist.  All the doctors and support staff are hand selected by Medical Director Dr. Alex Shvartsman and trained in his Integrative approach to healthier dental care.

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Your Comfort Is a Top Priority

We are focused on your comfort and a relaxed state of mind during all aspects of your dental care. Every treatment room is equipped with a TV for your entertainment and Nitrous Oxide (relaxation gas) and waterfalls for your relaxation. Soothing décor and new age music will ease your mind and soothe your spirit. State-of-the-art noise reduction headphones and quieter electric drills help you enjoy a more tranquil dental experience. Many patients enjoy our complementary warm hand moisturizing treatments during their visit and a lavender infused cloth to freshen up after their treatment. Our super-soft dental chairs, neck pillows and cozy blankets will make you feel like you are sitting on a cloud. Calming DoTerra organic essential oils are diffused throughout the office and are offered to patients during treatment to naturally reduce anxiety and create a more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.   Your comfort is ensured by our commitment to gentle dental care, sincere compassion, advanced training, innovative technology and a relaxing environment. Today, dental treatment does not have to be barbaric, painful or scary.

Painless Dentistry

We are committed to painless dental care. Needle-free injections, custom made proprietary numbing gel and lasers are just some of the ways we make dental anesthesia as comfortable as possible. Our doctors always make sure that you are completely numb before treating you and never continue if you are not comfortably numb.  For those who are anxious during dental treatments we offer Nitrous Oxide (sweet air), Xanax or Valium to help you relax. As you lay back and relax, your dental visits will fly by. Many patients have actually fallen asleep during treatment!  For the very apprehensive patient we offer sleep or sedation dentistry. In the comfort of our office safe, Board certified anesthesiologist-supervised IV sedation is available.

Today’s lifestyle can be hectic and your time is valuable.

You will be pleased by our convenient early morning, evening and weekend appointments. You do not need to take off from work or find baby-sitters just to have treatment at our office. Many patients also take advantage of longer appointments to save on the number of visits.  By taking advantage of modern dental advances we are able to decrease the number of visits for most dental procedures. One visit laser root canal therapy, CEREC CAD /CAM one visit crown technology, and a 14 second 3-D x-ray are just some of the examples.

Sate of the Art 21st Century Care

Dr. Shvartsman's dental office provides the most current technology that dentistry has to offer. By staying current in the field of dentistry LI Center for Healthier Dentistry stands out as the most technologically advanced office on Long Island.

Your appearance affects all aspects of your daily life.

Our philosophy is that all dentistry should be cosmetic, from a simple filling to new dentures. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the confidence that comes with a great smile. Dr. Shvartsman's natural artistic ability, advanced training in the areas of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Occlusion, and his passion combined with his love for dentistry assure you are in capable and caring hands.  That is why many dentists, dental ceramists, dental hygienists and dental assistants from other dental offices trust Dr. Shvartsman with their and their family's smiles!

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