Theracal LC Pulp Cap: Root Canal Alternative

An alternative to root canal therapy is the direct or indirect pulp cap procedure. This is a nerve protective procedure that has been used for many decades with many different materials and limited success. Finally a modern material has been developed that has revolutionized the pulp cap procedure: Theracal LC by Bisco, a leader in modern dental material technology. 

At Long lsand Center for Healthier Dentistry we follow a minimally invasive treatment approach.  This is why when the nerve is healthy we avoid condemning the tooth to root canal therapy by doing a direct pulp cap procedure.  Our success rate has dramatically increase by the use of a newly available material called Theracal LC. This non-toxic and biocompatible procedure effectively seals the nerve and allows it to heal. In addition this innovative material helps the tooth to reform new healthy dentin in the tooth.

By following strict disinfection protocols, and using the best bonding adhesive agents available we are able to create a bacteria impenetrable seal that allows the nerve the best chance at healing.  By restoring the tooth in a Biomimetic matter the filling works in harmony with the tooth and does not put any negative forces and pressure on the delicate pulp cap interface.

Watch the video below to learn more about pulp capping:

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